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Our Story

Ecolivos is committed to the practice of sustainability and caring for the future of the environment. Our aim is to create fashion that is everlasting- both in style and in quality. We focus on longevity and classic forms of nature. Ecolivos is proudly designed in Turkey, with quality in mind to remain wardrobe staples for many years. Our fabrics are selected with the environment in mind, using linen, Turkish traditional wrinkled and muslin fabric. All cutting is carefully monitored and managed in house to minimize fabric wastage. We use recyclable packaging for our products and also partner with couriers that offer electronic paperless trade.



Ecolivos believes in conducting business and production in a sustainable and ethically minded way. Our mission focuses on Respect for our Planet and People. We recognize the fundamental challenges within our industry and as such are in constant pursuit of ways we can improve our path to sustainability. 

Conscious Creation

Our collections are made from natural recycled fabrics, such as linen, cotton, and traditional Turkish fabrics. Each piece is handmade in Turkey by local artisans. We also partner with responsible, local suppliers and use Turkish made materials. %80 or more Ecolivos products are made from linen which uses approximately 92% less embodied energy in its manufacture than polyester.

Our Values

  1. Fabric Quality

  2. Timeless Design

  3. Conscious Packaging

  4. Made in Turkey

  5. Supporting Local

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