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10 Sustainable Fabrics for the Most Eco-friendly Fashion

By choosing eco-friendly fabrics, you're taking a huge step forward towards a more sustainable wardrobe and world of course. Clothing materials are what most determine the environmental impact of our clothes, directly contributing to the consumption of water, microplastic pollution, soil degradation, and many more bad effects.

So when you choose sustainable fabrics you won't be a part of this harmful movement for nature. Sustainable fabrics significantly minimize the impact of it conventional alternatives, whether through organic and chemical-free farming, the use of cycled materials, and sustainable prospects for end-of-life disposal.

For a better fashion future, you can use;

  1. Linen,

  2. Bamboo linen,

  3. Organic cotton,

  4. Recycled polyester,

  5. Deadstock fabrics,

  6. Lyocell,

  7. Modal,

  8. Cupro,

  9. Vegan apple leather

  10. Ecovero.

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