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7 Organic Lumbar Pillows For Better Support

If you experience lower back pain or have poor posture, lumbar pillows could be the solution you need. These pillows are designed with a curved shape to fit your body, particularly when sitting or lying down.

A lumbar pillow offers specific support to your back by reducing pressure on your spine, relaxing back muscles, and encouraging proper posture. In addition to promoting physical comfort, lumbar pillows can also alleviate digestive issues by increasing your height.

While some pillows are made from polyurethane or questionable down feathers, we have identified several brands that produce organic and sustainable lumbar pillows. This means that they not only support your body, but also the environment. You can trust these pillows to provide sustainable support.

1. Avocado

Best For | Lumbar yoga pillow Sustainable Materials | GOTS-certified organic cotton, vegan buckwheat fill

Avocado’s Pranayama Pillow is the multifunctional piece we’ve always wanted, as it doubles as both a lumbar pillow for your spine and as a breathing support during yoga. Like all Avocado products, they’re sustainably and responsibly made with GOTS, MADE SAFE, and vegan certifications. Equipped with a washable cotton cover and a canvas bag for storage, you can easily bring it around and wash it when you need to switch between your bed and your exercise space. (You can also pair them with other pillows and bolsters from Avocado’s Organic Yoga Collection.) Get the back support you need—without the straining.

2. Ecolivos

Best For | Down feather lumbar insert Sustainable Materials | Organic cotton, responsibly sourced duck & feather fill

Ecolivos has produced home textiles for more than three decades using only natural and eco-friendly fibers; this green philosophy is still present today. Its lumbar pillow insert is produced of down and pure duck feathers from Indiana, which are sustainably acquired and where the animals are not forced to be fed. What about the covering? It is made entirely of organic cotton. For a sustainable addition to your bedroom, you can also pick up an organic linen pillow cover here as it's an insert. awake and at ease.

3. Parachute

Best For | Bolster lumbar insert Sustainable Materials | OEKO-TEX certified cotton, microfiber fill

Check out Parachute's Down Replacement Bolster Insert for a cushion that simulates the plushness of natural down without animal byproducts. Instead, this 44" long pillow has a sustainable cotton fabric and a fill that is entirely hypoallergenic microfiber. We appreciate that it can serve as a decorative cushion as well as a lumbar support and that it was meticulously made using US-based manufacturing and carbon-neutral shipping. Also, the circular shape offers additional back support for rolling, more height for better digestion, and other benefits.

4. Boll & Branch

Best For | Feather down lumbar inserts Sustainable Materials | OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton, cruelty-free feather down

The Feather Down Lumbar Pillow from Boll & Branch is an incredible deal: This 34" x 14" insert has a down-proof organic cotton shell, IDS-certified down and feather fill, and exquisite piping around the borders for less than $60. The down itself is triple-washed, ethically sourced, and free from cruelty. The cushion is praised for maintaining its shape and offering a sturdy and secure place to rest. It's worth trying out a 30-day trial to see if this organic pillow is perfect for you because Boll & Branch offers free shipping and returns.


Best For | Small lumbar pillows Sustainable Materials | Alpaca wool, cotton, recycled fabric waste

MINNA’s lumbar pillows are stunning, to say the least. Inspired by artists and styles like Luis Barragan, geometric patchwork patterns, and traditional hand-looming, these pillows are thoughtfully made by co-ops across Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, and Uruguay. And while these are all reasons we love MINNA’s collection, the other reason we’re turning to these pillows for support is their smaller sizes. Rather than being oversized or oblong for the bedroom, these lumbar pillows provide plenty of back support on chairs or on the couch. Support this certified B Corp, artisan co-ops, and your posture simultaneously.

6. Sabai

Best For | Velvet lumbar pillows Sustainable Materials | Recycled water bottles, OEKO-TEX certified recycled velvet, upcycled fabrics

Our team loves Sabai’s sustainable furniture, thanks to its gorgeous designs, upcycled fabrics, and made-to-order production model. The brand’s Lumbar Pillows are perfect for mixing and matching across your home since they’re a bit tinier than most (13” x 20”) and available in the most stunning colors. Whether you go for recycled velvet or upcycled poly, these pillows are about as eco-friendly as they get—even the fill is sourced from 100 percent recycled plastic. (Hot tip: You can use code PILLOW_BUNDLE to get two lumbars for under $100!)

7. The Citizenry

Best For | Oversized lumbar pillows Sustainable Materials | Cotton, linen, alpaca, wool For pillows that are as stylish as they are supportive, we are obsessed with The Citizenry’s collection. These oversized lumbar pillows come in various styles and materials, ranging from cotton and linen to Peruvian alpaca and highland wool, all crafted by artisans in fair trade settings across Central America. (You can find out more about each of the makers on each individual listing page.) The designs are truly stunning, leveraging warm and neutral tones, Mayan patterns, and natural dyes from natively regional plants.


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